Support Services
APCOR offers its members a range of services in various areas: Legal Advice, specifically in relation to labour issues and labour law, Economic and Fiscal support, with emphasis on information about projects and sources of public support, Industrial Licensing and Support in the areas of Environment, Health, Hygiene and Safety in collaboration with CTCOR - Cork Technology Center and Training in partnership with CINCORK - Professional Training Center for the Cork Industry. It also has a range of protocols with special conditions for members, with entities in the banking, insurance, consultancy, hotel and cork industry suppliers sectors, among others. It organizes workshops, seminars and congresses on various topics of importance to the sector, such as the Cork Global Conference and moments of interaction between members, such as the Christmas Dinner. It also makes its facilities available for member events.

APCOR collects, manages and publishes all the knowledge that is produced on cork and its products. It assumes the role of information centre for the cork sector. It has a library and a media library, a photo library and an archive of national and international articles on cork and related industries.

Publishes Notícias APCOR, brochures and leaflets on cork and its products. It establishes a regular relationship with the national and international media. APCOR carries out analytical and forward-looking sector studies, research into consumer preferences, provides regular statistical information and collaborates with other entities on more general work on the cork and forestry sectors.

Promotion and internationalisation

The promotion of cork and its applications plays a crucial role for APCOR. Through a variety of communication strategies and channels, APCOR seeks to disseminate information about the characteristics and advantages of cork, highlighting its sustainability, versatility and performance. The voice of cork has reached the various continents (Europe, Asia, America and Oceania) and the recognition of cork as a product of excellence in the world bears the APCOR brand. Its projects are developed in partnership with public authorities, but the support of its members and similar companies and associations in the various countries has been fundamental in affirming cork as a product of excellence.

Every year, actions are taken to promote and enhance cork, both nationally and internationally, from organizing visits by opinion leaders to the sector, taking part in events, managing digital channels and producing various materials, including Corkologist.

The association also provide the Cork Welcome Center – an information center about cork, from forest to final products – and the Cork Experience Tour – organized visits to cork companies in laboration.

Innovation and Development

Innovate to grow is the motto that has led APCOR to promote and to encourage innovation and development as factors of the success of the sector, and consequently, for companies. Through a partnership primarily with CTCOR, but also with companies, other associations, schools and universities, it develops projects that cover various areas with a particular focus on optimizing products and processes, but also on discovering new applications for cork.

Knowledge of the cork oak and cork has continually led to new areas of research that mobilize multidisciplinary teams, generating knowledge and practices that are implemented by agents in the sector.

The focus on qualification is a fundamental pillar and is ensured by Cincork, an entity set up under a protocol between APCOR and the Portuguese State, through the IEFP - Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional (Employment and Professional Training Institute).

In partnership with the CELiège - European Cork Confederation, APCOR is the organization responsible in Portugal for disseminating and supporting the implementation of the International Code of Cork Stopper Practices and its accreditation system - Systecode. This system establishes strict standards for the production of cork stoppers throughout the entire production chain. Every year, companies are audited by external entities to ensure compliance with the system's requirements, which reinforces consumer credibility and trust in cork products. This partnership between APCOR and C.E. Liège is essential for strengthening cork's position on the international market and ensuring its performance.

APCOR supports CTCOR as the Sector Standardization Body, streamlining the work of the Technical Commission on Standardization in the field of cork and respective subcommittees. This work is carried out in partnership with the Portuguese Quality Institute with the aim of analysing, improving and updating the standards to meet the most exacting demands of customers and consumers in the industry.
Collective Bargaining
APCOR represents the cork industry in negotiations of Collective Labour Conventions with the Trade Unions, seeking to promote the competitive development enterprises and improve the socioeconomic conditions of their workers. It promotes meetings between the Board of Directors of APCOR and the various Trade Unions, in order to reach a consensus on various labour issues determined by successive amendments to the national legal framework.
Institutional Cooperation

Cooperation between organizations in the cork sector and related sectors is another goal of APCOR. Thus, in addition to the associative network, APCOR cooperates regularly with various national and international organizations.


APCOR has established cooperation protocols with various organizations that bring advantages to its members. The range of protocols extends to entities in areas as diverse as: Banking, Insurance, Consultancy, Hospitality, Suppliers to the Cork Industry, among many others.

Cork Welcome Center

The Cork Welcome Center is a space for information and education about the cork industry - from the forest to the products. It is a showcase for the sector, providing information about the cork oak, cork and its properties, as well as highlighting the many applications of cork and innovation in the sector. It also has a small store for those wishing to buy some products.

It is open to everyone (tourists, schools, members, clients of the sector, the general public) and can be visited by appointment. It is open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 5.30pm (closed Saturday, Sunday, public vacations and APCOR vacations).

To make an appointment, please contact APCOR at

If you would like to take a virtual tour of our space, watch the video below.

Cork Experience Tour

The Cork Experience Tour is a service that APCOR is responsible for and which aims to respond to requests from tourists and the general public who wish to visit active cork companies.

The aim is to make the Cork Experience Tour a unique experience, in which the secrets of the production process are revealed throughout the visit, making it possible to get to know the material and immaterial heritage that this industry encompasses.

Visits have a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 40 people and are scheduled according to company availability, from Monday to Friday. Those interested should contact APCOR at