Extensive R&D+i investments and production methods based on 100%  use of cork, underpin the industry’s remarkable ecological efficiency. 

Throughout the entire production process, all of the waste from stopper  manufacturing is transformed into useful products of excellent quality.  Granulated cork obtained by grinding waste (by-products) is used to  make wall and floor coverings, home and office items, design products,  shoe soles, applications in the military, transport and aerospace  industries, chemical products for pharmaceutical purposes, among  many others. Not a single gram of the raw material is lost. Even cork  powder is used for co-generation of electricity. 
Recycling of used cork stoppers is also in full expansion. Although never  reused in the wine industry, used stoppers are granulated to make  many other products for the widest range of uses, keeping the same  characteristics as natural cork. This means that the cork stopper is the  only completely natural, renewable and recyclable stopper. 
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